Idea: a shop with a garage where you can repair your bike and a barbecue space. I hope they are physically separated for safety, but it all depends on your imagination.

Type of site: small business.

Key functions:

  • The opportunity to see what services is provided by the repair shop and for which models of motorcycles.
  • Positive feedback from real customers for a motorcycle shop.
  • Reviews for garage and restaurant.
  • Restaurant menu.
  • More information about the kitchen/cook/story about how it was founded.

Key design solutions:

  • How do you plan to separate the garage and restaurant so that visitors can easily choose what they want? Will they have a similar design or different themes?
  • Who will be the target audience? These are definitely men. But will it be old-school motorcyclists or young urban hipsters?
  • How many images do you plan to use? It can be one dominant picture, corresponding to the unique concept of the site.
  • What will be the color scheme? More aggressive combinations like red and black, or something else?
  • How will people use this shop? Can it be bikers who travel long distances? Bikers who want to grab a bite to eat while their bike is being repaired? Or more random visitors who are attracted by the unusual concept of the place?

What you will learn: this will allow you to be creative in creating a real point of view on your site. You can show your attitude through images, colors, ads or small interactive elements. You need to create a site that will be easy to use for older men, but increasing the uniqueness of this store.

Political hockey

Everybody loves good political humor and often jokes about politicians and judges. This site will be the place where you (and others, of course) will be able to publish mocking hockey about the last mistake of the politician or his activities. Especially relevant will be in the pre-election season.

Site type: blog.

Key functions:

  • Blog interface with a series of hockey, which is easy to view.
  • Funny illustrations of candidates with their hockey, easy to read.
  • “Infinite” scrolling or a new page for every 20-50 hockey.
  • Using Google Form to allow others to send their images or hockey.

Key design solutions:

  • What color scheme corresponds to your site? Colors of parchment? How will each hockey game be designed?
  • How can the irony of the posts be enhanced? Can I make sarcastic headlines for everyone?
  • Will you allow users to select posts for a specific candidate or will you have one long list? If they can select a candidate, will there be a unique page for each candidate?
  • How often will you place posts and users visit the site? Once a day, or every time a candidate makes a funny mistake, or at different times?

What you’ll learn: Blogs are super simple – they’re read and watched by photos. There is a real potential for interaction. This means that your ads should be extremely effective.

You need to create a consistent theme with your ads. If users will visit your site during the election period, they want to see funny posts constantly. And you can do this in several ways. By the way, you can try to do this in a tweeter style.

Toilet paper warehouse

Idea: online shop for regular toilet paper. If you have ever used toilet paper (hopefully all of it), you will understand the significant difference between toilet paper types.

After you have to wipe with some kind of cardboard equivalent, you will be cursed by the owners of the company and will wish them evil. It should be a site for lovers of toilet paper … if there are such at all.

Site type: online store.

Key functions:

  • A variety of paper products that can be categorized or sorted by size, brand, quality or price.
  • Basket and ordering process to simulate the buying process.
  • Subscription option so that users can register and receive their favorite toilet paper automatically.
  • Separate section for toilet paper holders with different designs. This can be a great gift.

Key design solutions:

  • Users can go nowhere to buy toilet paper. Why should they choose your website? Maybe because of the humorous ads? Or a simple buying process? Possibilities to subscribe? Think about how to make a site unique among all other sites in the field of e-commerce.
  • Who are your customers? Mommy? Elite restaurants? Luxury hotels? Hermophobes? This will largely determine what products will be on your site.
  • How will you structure your landing pages? Do you want users to go directly to the shopping interface or have a home page that presents the entire site?

What you will learn: e-commerce is a huge industry and there are many different small solutions that form a positive and convenient user experience.

Having gone through all the necessary steps to make the buying process easy – you will gain valuable experience. Think about – do you want to be like them? How fast can users find the product they need?