free hit counters frequently asked questions:

So visitor counters are free, huh?

Yup; all we require is that you keep the small text link advertisements given in the code with your counter on the same page as your counter. Other than that, there are no requirements; counters don’t cost you a single cent!

Do you offer stats on the people that come to my site?

Nope. counters only provide you with either the number of visitors that see your pages, or the number of times your pages are viewed; you get to choose!

What about an invisible counter?

Again, nope. We don’t offer invisible counters, as the only data we give you is shown on the counter itself. How would you know how may visitors you had if the counter was invisible?

Can I alter the code that you gave me?

Sure, as long as you do make sure that the advertisements that are provided in the code are on the same page as the counter and are direct links, using the given text. (So in other words, you can move them from the counter, change the size and color, and do a few other things, but the basic ad itself, including the text, can’t be changed.)

What happens if I remove the ads?

If you remove the ads, we can guarantee that eventually we will find out. At the very least, your counter will be disabled and won’t work for you; you also will lose all of the visitor data provided to that point. We also might display an annoying and gigantic photo in it’s place, or an annoying and gigantic ad for our services, or an annoying and gigantic ad for another service, or an annoying and gigantic message telling the world you are STEALING from us, or pretty much anything we want to. And on top of that, we really won’t like you very much at all!

How do I create a free web counter?

Visit our home page (By clicking here), answer the three simple questions, choose a style (Check them out by clicking here), and paste the code into your pages. You’re good to go in less than two minutes (Unless you’re really indecisive in choosing a style, but we have no control over that!).

Why are counters free?

Our great service is provided to you for free because it is supported by the advertisers who’s links are contained within the counter code. They pay, so you don’t have to!

So, I already have a counter and I want to change the way it looks. How do I do that?

Simple. Just visit our homepage (Or click here) and sign up using the same data you gave us the first time around, but choose a different style on step two. As long as you enter the same page name as when you signed up, you won’t lose any of your visitor data!

Alright, I did all of the steps and pasted the code onto my page, but there is no counter, just a bunch of funny looking text. What’s up?

If you see any text other than the advertisement, 99% of the time this is because you pasted the code into the visible part of your page, and not the code section. Make sure that the code is placed into the code section of your page, and you should be tracking your visitors right away.

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