Year after year we see how the use and consumption of apps and social networks changes and in 2018 the app that has grown the most in terms of use has been Tik Tok, a new platform that since 2017 has captivated different markets such as China or the United States, and has become the fourth most popular application in Spain with a growth of over 96% compared to 2017.

What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is a young social network, its main audience according to data from the social network itself is between 18 and 24 years old. It is a platform in which users create their videos, edit them with different filtering options and share them with a community that seeks entertainment content through the mobile device.

The audience is young because we are talking about a generation accustomed to consuming content through the smartphone which is their key device for communication, information and entertainment.

How does Tik Tok work?

The content of the social network is based on 4 pillars that help it to be easy to consume and high permanence:

Vertical format: as it is a mobile first social network, the content in this format is essential to connect with the user in a natural way, avoiding him to turn the device and lose the attention and interaction functions.
Full screen: with this aspect they ensure that they have the user’s full attention as it is an entertainment content, distractions are avoided and the consumer experience is improved.
Duration from 15 seconds to 5 minutes: the time of the videos being short generates that the user consumes a greater volume of videos, which increases the permanence and loyalty.
Storytelling: Perhaps the most important feature of the network, since content creators have a large number of options for recording, editing, filters or music to create simple stories that engage the global community. With all these options all that is needed on the part of the user is imagination and creativity.

It is important to mention that for new users who do not have an already created community they can connect other social networks such as instagram or youtube to communicate their contents.

In addition, using hashtags and participating in the challenges of Tik Tok, any user capable of creating quality content can have significant exposure reaching thousands of users thanks to the ability of its algorithm to disseminate the content to users who may be interested.

What can you do in Tik Tok?

Within the social network we locate many categories in which users with different interests can develop their content:

Original comedy: mainly short videos in the form of sketches.
Pets: as in other social networks, they are contents in which mainly dogs and cats are the protagonists.
Food: in this category we find recipes and gastronomic proposals.
Vlog: a format very much directed to the lifestyle and posture in which users share their daily life.
Makeup: beauty content in the form of makeup tutorials or music integration in videos by makeup artists.
Fashion: a window to the users’ fashion trends.
Travel: vertical dedicated to the destinations shared by users, very much aligned with vblog.
Dance: here we locate users who use the music option to generate a leisure content replicating or inventing dance movements.
Music: a category that comes from lip sync or playback content inherited from to create music videos.
Sports: mostly eye-catching sports such as gymnastics or parkour.
Arts: we find drawings, lettering and different artistic representations.

The diversity of categories helps to have available content for any interest and age, which in the future will help the social network to settle within the platforms used by users.

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