Influence of site design on SEO

Often you can hear that for the successful promotion of the site design must be unique, with a valid code, etc., but the truth is that all this is complete nonsense! At Free Web Counters, we believe that the only thing that is important in the design is its “usabiliti”.

Search engines do not care what background color you have, what super beautiful logo for $ 500, spit on shiny buttons and other design elements, the only thing that is important is the interaction of the user with your site, and design in this case plays a significant role.

The importance of the uniqueness of website design in SEO

It’s a myth invented by someone who doesn’t know who. In the top you can find a lot of successful sites on default templates popular CMS. The only exception when the same design can hurt – a network of sites of the same content of the same owner, made to fill his proposal topa. In this case, the same design can be one of the signals indicating that it is “one office”, and for this you can catch the affiliate filter.

The code must be valid

Also another myth for perfectionists. Sites with valid code in the network is only a small part of the percentage, and it happens that they are with their validity is not in the top, but zhepe, and vice versa, you can often find sites with floating elements, but occupying the first pages of the issue.

If layout errors are visible only to search engines – it does not affect the ranking of the site, but if they make the use of the site uncomfortable for humans – a problem that may be the reason for lowering the site in the results of extradition.

The design should be adaptive (mobile)

That’s not a fairy tale anymore! Indeed, the share of mobile traffic is growing every month, and if you do not have a design adapted then it may be a reason for its downgrading in search results (however, so far only search on mobile devices), but most likely in the near future it will be an important factor in ranking, which will be taken into account and for desktop devices.

Google has long been paying due attention to the adaptability of the design, Yandex recently made a statement about the release of its new algorithm “Vladivostok”, which will be responsible for checking the site for optimization for mobile devices.


I did not go into the detailed analysis of each of the items because all this can be checked by looking at the top issue. It is important to understand the fact that the machine is indifferent to your creative design ideas, the machine is not able to assess the “beauty” of the site, the search engine sees it only as pieces of code, the only criterion by which the search engine defines this beauty – is the visitor to the site.

Signal that tells the search engine that something is wrong with the design (and the site as a whole) may be, for example, if people often leave the site in the first seconds, their behavior shows that the information is poorly readable, it is difficult to find, the speed of loading the page more than 5 seconds, etc.

Therefore, making the site does not waste your time and money to develop a unique template, editing the code to its full validity, focus better on the usefulness of the content on the site, on the convenience and logic of its structure and perception, ease and speed of interaction.