The benefits of CBD for athletes are incredible. Numerous toxicology studies have shown that this component has qualities that can increase the performance of any athlete, both physically and mentally, obtaining beneficial effects.

CBD, also known as medical hemp, helps to reduce stress and tension levels so that athletes perform much better in various aspects.

And, best of all, it is a natural alternative whose therapeutic potential spreads its benefits on a daily basis and causes no side effects.

With that in mind, we have gathered all the different benefits that CBD offers to high-performance athletes and sportsmen in general at any level. Every day, more and more athletes are starting to add it to their diets, especially now that it is already a WADA-sanctioned component.

What are the properties, advantages and benefits of CBD for athletes?

The anti-inflammatory, relaxing and analgesic pharmacological treatment offered by cbd or cannabidiol, intervene in all stages of the sporting life of athletes and sportsmen in general.

From preparing them for the effort, positively increasing their performance, to reducing their pain and helping them to recover easily. All this, while enjoying a general well-being and different advantages that no other substance offers.

Reduces pain and muscle spasms

Chronic pain and muscle spasms are very common problems that occur after training, due to the accumulation of lactic acid. Although this component is very important for aerobic metabolism and for setting limits to performance, there comes a point when it gets the upper hand. It wreaks havoc on athletes, leaving their muscles without energy and depriving the muscle fibers from contracting properly.

In this case, CBD converts lactic acid into glucose in the liver and stimulates the repair system of muscle fibers. In addition, it directly affects CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors to decrease the sensation of pain and improve mood.

Accelerates physical recovery

The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are present during and after physical performance. Therefore, it promotes the reduction of inflammation in order to optimize recovery.

In addition, CBD positively influences relaxation and improves sleep, which also facilitates recovery.

Improves sleep

An essential factor for the performance of an athlete or practitioner of any physical sport is sleep, its quality and duration. A good night’s sleep not only allows the body to recover, but also allows athletes to wake up with more energy and a clear and serene mind.

CBD extracted from the hemp plant itself is not a sedative, but has the ability to mediate certain bodily processes and brain receptors to achieve deep sleep. Likewise, this component does not immediately numb, but enhances a healthier cycle. That is, it helps maintain wakefulness during the day and promotes sleep at night.

Prevents inflammatory diseases

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury or excessive or intense movement. These can be so painful that they often prevent athletes from participating in competitions or training.

However, several scientific studies claim that CBD has the ability to exert an immunosuppressive effect on macrophage and microglial cells (cells involved in the body’s inflammatory response). In order to combat inflammation and oxidative stress associated with this.

Controls cortisol levels

Cortisol is a stress hormone produced in the adrenal gland. Athletes often generate large amounts of cortisol because of the pressure during competitions and the anxiety of the situation. But a considerable amount can also be generated during training and exercise. And this is especially negative, as it can lead to hypertension and loss of muscle mass.

However, CBD effectively relieves stress and anxiety without causing negative or addictive effects. Likewise, it prompts the glands to secrete anti-stress hormones to balance and regulate the body’s internal environment.

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